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New Classes!

New classes are coming to RK Antenatal, week beginning 14th July

I'm very excited to announce that RK Antenatal is presenting 3 new classes in a few weeks. These will be writing your birth plan, writing you postnatal plan:looking after yourself, and breastfeeding: getting you off to the best start (featuring a guest teacher!).

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January 1, 2025

Thanks for visiting my brand new website! Huge thanks to my website consultant, Eve Scott, for all her help on it. From this point forwards I'll be known as my business name RK Antenatal - this is a change from my previous Facebook page Free Antenatal Classes during Covid19. The reason for this is that I've decided to continue with the classes after lockdown (while still offering free places to those who need it).

Check back here later for more news!

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