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If you’re interested in learning more about the birth process and what you can expect during labour, sign up for one of my classes. I cover everything you need to know to lay the foundations for having the birth you want. Find out more below.

Class 1: Birth, Hormones and Signs of Labour

We'll start this series with birth anatomy (it's a very good place to start!). We'll take time looking at your baby's journey through the birth canal, with diagrams to show what's happening to you and your baby at each stage. Labour, birth and placenta delivery timelines will highlight what you can expect from each stage.
After your introduction to the anatomy of childbirth, we'll move on to the hormones involved and how you can help keep those hormones balanced and working for you.
Finally we'll consider some signs of labour to look out for, when to go to the hospital and what to do in some medical emergencies, including an unplanned homebirth. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions throughout.

Class 2: Pain Management

We'll first consider what affects pain levels during labour and why some women feel more pain than others. Then we'll discuss how your position can help in the run up to and during birth, with a demonstration using a pelvic model. Then we'll consider pros and cons of a water birth and using a TENS Machine, finishing with some other alternative methods.
Finally, we'll look at medicinal management methods including gas and air, opiates and epidural. For each I'll outline what it is, how is it administered, where you can have it and why you might or might not want it. As always there will be plenty of opportunities for questions throughout.

Class 3: Birth Interventions

We'll be looking at some of the myths around Caesarean birth as well as the impact on baby and mother and the procedure itself, including recovery. We'll then consider induction: when it's necessary (and your choices around it), some non-medical methods and their effectiveness, and then the medical methods available. Finally we'll end with third stage options: your choices concerning your baby's cord and placenta and your choice of medication. As always there will be plenty of opportunities for questions throughout.

Class 4: Baby Care

If you're in any way nervous about what to expect for the first few weeks and months of your baby's life, this class is for you! We'll start with a timeline of baby's first 6 months, including everything from the first few minutes, skin-to-skin contact and medical checks, right through to developmental milestones and mother's recovery.
We'll then look at safer sleeping, different types of nappies and slings and what your baby might look like when they're born. As always there will be plenty of opportunities for questions throughout.


Additional Course

Stand-alone classes to compliment my 4-part antenatal course


Writing your Birth Preferences

You have so many choices around labour, birth and your first hours with baby. This class aims to highlight those choices, and give suggestions as to how you might want to write them on your birth plan. Your birth plan is your birth preferences, and this class is not about telling you which choices are best - it's about helping you decide which choices are best for YOU. That means no biased information, just evidence-based research.

We will start by looking at what a birth plan is, and what it is not. We'll then cover informed decision making, giving you a practical tool to make decisions as labour progresses. Where to give birth, your birth partner and environment, pain management and birth interventions will all be covered, as well as your choices after birth.

This class is designed to compliment my antenatal course series - there will be minimal repeat information, focusing instead on how to write these choices on your birth plan. It can be attended as a stand-alone class - you do not need to have attended the other classes.


Breastfeeding: Getting you off to the Best Start

This class is about introducing you to breastfeeding. We'll cover how it works, best latching and positioning, how to get off to a good start, hand expressing and looking after mom. We'll also look at where to get help, if it's needed.

This class will be taught by guest teacher Samantha Brewer. Samantha is an experienced breastfeeding peer supporter, and has supported many women over the years on their breastfeeding journey. She recently trained with the NCT as a peer supporter, and continued her training on to neonatal breastfeeding support. Personally, she's loved breastfeeding her 4 her children, including twins and through stays in ICU. She's a wonderful listener and supporter, and is happy to offer further support after your baby is born. I'm proud to have her as part of the team. (From Rachel x)


Writing your Postnatal Plan

You've written your birth plan and you've packed your labour bag, but what about after birth? How will you prioritise your mental and physical health and your relationships after birth?

That's where a postnatal plan comes in. Learn about what to expect from your mental health in the days, weeks and months following birth. Learn about the physical changes your body will go through, and how best to recover. Get tips about how to get enough sleep (without disproved 'sleep training'). Learn about the most common causes of arguments following birth, and how to maintain your relationship.


Class Dates

Full Antenatal Course

  • 16th - 19th November

  • 7th - 10th December

Full Accompanying Course

  • 22nd - 24th September

  • 27th - 29th October

  • 24th - 26th November

  • 15th - 17th December

Class 1: Birth, Hormones and Signs of Labour

  • Monday 16th November, 8pm - 9pm

  • Monday 7th December, 8pm - 9pm

Class 2: Pain Management

  • Tuesday 17th November, 8pm - 9pm

  • Tuesday 8th December, 8pm - 9pm

Class 3: Birth Intervention

  • Wednesday 18th November, 8pm - 9pm

  • Wednesday 8th December, 8pm - 9pm

Class 4: Baby Care

  • Thursday 19th November, 8pm - 9pm

  • Thursday 10th December, 8pm - 9pm

Writing your Birth Preferences

  • Tuesday 25th November, 8pm - 9pm

  • Tuesday 15th December, 8pm - 9pm

Breastfeeding: getting you off to the best start

  • Wednesday 25th November, 7pm - 8.30pm

  • Wednesday 16th December, 7pm - 8.30pm

Writing your Postnatal Plan

  • Thursday 26th November, 8pm - 9pm

  • Thursday 17th December, 8pm - 9pm

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